I am a videographer and photographer with over twenty years of experience in commercial, feature and broadcast production. My career in television started as a studio cameraman for the NBC affiliate in Portland, Maine. It was an amazing learning experience guided by generous mentors. I was promoted to commercial photographer and filmed hundreds of commercials, public service announcements and special programs.

Many of the top production companies in New England hired my services, including legendary VizWiz Productions, Editel, VideoTroupe, Boston Productions and Larry Mondi Productions. Projects varied from commercial and broadcast productions to corporate and institutional programming for technology, medical, educational and bio-science industries. I had the opportunity to work with some of the most talented directors and producers in the New England.  In addition to photography I also worked as lighting designer/director for many multi-camera productions.

When the Christian Science Monitor launched their cable news network they hired me to shoot for their Special Projects Unit where I was responsible for location filming of over a half dozen weekly shows. I also worked on a number of broadcast productions for Hearst-Argyle, Lifetime, Telepictures, ABC, NBC, CBS and PBS. I joined the School of Film and Television at Boston University where I taught non-linear editing and cinematography, and managed Film Production Services. An understanding boss allowed me to continue working for my clients.

In 2004 I moved to Tucson to work for the Media Arts Department at the University of Arizona. In 2014 I joined the University of Arizona Office of Communications where I get to tell the stories of the most talented and inspirational students, faculty and staff.  Not to long ago I published my two-hundredth video story for UA News.

Moving images…motion pictures; my life.