Poet Carolyn Hembree “Skinny” Book Trailer

Kore Press, a publisher of women’s literature  and art since 1993, approached us to produce their first book trailer.  We jumped at the opportunity, especially to work with poet Carolyn Hembree whose book “Skinny” tells the harrowing tail of it’s title character as “she leaves the South and a beloved, dying matriarch for New York City, a “far-off island dream.”…dark, mysterious, jagged and soft.

Working with renown production designer, Gene Rudolf, we determined a look and approach fitting of such an evocative collection .  We came up with a couple of caveats that would guide us through this production; first, no actors or animals.  Besides an economical motivation, we found that many authors resent the use of actors to illustrate their written works of art, particularly as it imposes a vision that is better left to the readers imagination.  We also decided to inform our vision with the most powerful themes we felt from experiencing the author’s story.  I spent considerable time with Carolyn talking back story, motivation and the history of her upbringing.  We envisioned an impression more than an illustration, a stark, cold world veiled in fragmented memory, in the words of editor and friend Sarah Sher ; “dreary”, punctuated by searing flashes of lightning.

In the end, we chose to serve the vision of the author, and succeeded we trust based on her comment….”I think it’s simply stunning. How you captured the edged blur of memory I keep for that world.”  -Carolyn Hembree



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