What’s In Your Kit

More than too many times, upon talking with potential producers or directors in search of a cinematographer, the first conversation invariably focuses on what gear I have.

What gear have I…(cue the sound of the tone arm scratching across vinyl….)?

Well…I come with a full set of relevant experience and expertise.   Accessories include sensibility, maturity, empathy, whimsy and a notion of esthetics.  Mileage is a bit high, well over the 10,000 hour break-in period, and despite more than a few tire changes, I still offer a smooth ride and play well with others.

Other kit includes the tools to fathom a director’s imagination and translate the vision revealed into tangible visual media.  Leadership skills are also included with every purchase.

No Mattebox
What…no matte box? (Zacuto)

A quote of which I will never tire…

“Technology is changing all the time, but for me nothing has changed in the sense that you are still telling stories by the use of light, the use of a frame, the way you move a camera…So, to me, technology is important, but it’s only in the background, it’s a means to an end, it’s like the paintbrush.” – Roger Deakins, ASC

What’s in your kit?

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