Cine Gear Expo 2014

New York Set

Inundation of camera floaters using gyros, bungee cords, spring arms, Segways and Porsches, though the telescopic jib arm still reigns supreme given the appropriate budget.  Boat loads of rigging for DSLR and small digital cine cameras, with my personal penchant for the aesthetic of Wooden Camera rigs and handheld products.

There is an odd rediscovery of ENG, oops, I mean shoulder mounted cameras afoot, as if filmmakers of yore who eschewed all things video have finally come around hoping the passage of time will diffuse the pretense.  ARRI Amira drew crowds.  ‘Tis a finely crafted machine focused on professional production and it’s rigorous requirements.  I scored a couple of Amira baseball hats, though more for my interest in the new L Series LED Fixtures, including the L7-C, with 2,800 – 10,000K range and full RGB+W color gamut.  Say so long to your party pack.

Swag was oddly restricted at this event.  Good stuff came only after a meaningful encounter with sales folks and a scan of your badge barcode.  This might explain the uptick in 800 calls I’ve recently been ignoring.  The best swag of the show was from the Rosco booth.  I must have impressed the marketing associate with my extended knowledge of Blackwrap verses Cinefoil, and the history of Rosco and GAM (recently purchased by Rosco).  This netted a full roll of Cinefoil AND a full roll of Rosco 2″ GaffTac Gaffer Tape, in black.  We’re talking a solid $45 street value…sweet!

Dead cat…swing it…LED Lighting.  My favorite a compact LED unit from Hexolux; beautiful white light, in a likewise beautiful red anodized aluminum body.  They also have a neat take on the book light in the form of two ginormous umbrellas mounted face to face; one reflective, one diffuse, all wrapped around their soon to be release quad fixture.

I was enamored with the vendors that trick out the Mercedes Sprinter vans, from compact G&E packages to roll-away broadcast production vans.  I love the Sprinter, it resonates with a nomadic spirit I have.  Cinemills kicks it with their CMC Sprinter Van Package.

The technology quickly overloads the senses.  Many new ideas, and much retooling of old ones.  What I really get from these events is a general refresh on what can be done; the possibilities of camera movement, the potential of lighting sources and the tools to streamline the digital workflow.  Breath it in, let it wash over you, it’s enough to know it’s out there when I need it.

Most enjoyable was wandering around the Paramount New York Streets set, cutting through a parking lot you soon realize is the drained massive Blue Sky Tank, and driving by a dozen Boston Police show cars stashed on the upper deck of the Lemon Grove parking garage.  You are quickly reminded why this business is indeed an industry.

Blue Sky Tank


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