When I was twelve years old, my best buddy and I each chipped in twenty-five cents at a church bazaar and bought a Kodak Instamatic camera. My buddy’s mom had enrolled him in the local camera club where we had access to the club darkroom. They had a contest coming up; so, we thought we’d enter a picture. I had a life-size plastic skull, and my buddy borrowed one of his mom’s wine glasses. We did a little setup with the skull and glass in the club studio. Our little statement on the dark side of booze?

I lit it with a big old “scoop” light, and we shot the tableau with our little Instamatic. We processed the film and printed the image, and lo and behold we won. As I wasn’t an official member of the club I had to keep mum about my participation. I was so mesmerized by the process I didn’t care.

And here it all started.

Since then I’ve been a photographer, videographer and director of photography for over thirty years. I started as a studio cameraman for the NBC affiliate in Portland, Maine. It was an amazing learning experience guided by generous mentors. I was promoted to commercial photographer and filmed hundreds of commercials, public service announcements and special programs.

After moving to Boston and embarking on a freelance career I was fortunate to be hired by many of the top production companies in New England. Projects varied from commercial and broadcast productions to corporate and institutional programming for technology, medical, educational and bio-science industries. I had the opportunity to work with some of the most talented directors and producers in New England. In addition to film and video projects I also worked as a lighting designer for many broadcast productions.

When the Christian Science Monitor launched their cable news network they hired me to shoot for their Special Projects unit where I was responsible for location videography for over a half dozen weekly shows. I also worked on a number of broadcast productions for Hearst-Argyle, Lifetime, Telepictures, ABC, NBC, CBS and PBS. I joined the School of Film and Television at Boston University where I taught non-linear editing and cinematography, and managed Film Production Services.

In 2004 I moved to Tucson to work for the Media Arts Department at the University of Arizona. In 2014 I joined the University of Arizona Office of Communications where we produced stories about the most talented and inspirational students, faculty and staff.  By the end of my tenure I had produced over 200 videos for UA News.

In 2019 I joined Curriculum Associates as a multimedia coordinator on their events and field marketing team. It’s been a great match, with a great company.

I’ve exhumed my photography roots. It’s personal now, more an exploration of my surroundings. I’ve returned to printing, though with fine art inkjet printers instead of silver and chemistry.  

I love exploring how photography impacts the way I see the world, or at least my little corner of it, on its own terms. Where I live is what I photograph. It’s right in front of you, bam! I love contradictions and how humans adapt to the mayhem around us. I gravitate toward darkness and use photography to probe the notion that life is more about being content than happy.

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