Depth of Modulation and the Dawn of Electronic Cinematography

As a DP at the dawn of electronic cinematography, I was fortunate to work with a company in New Hampshire called VideoTroupe.  Now known as “The Troupe”, it was founded by a talented engineer, Fred Conners Sr..  Patient with this young upstart, he schooled him in the business of production, and helped him to discover… Continue reading Depth of Modulation and the Dawn of Electronic Cinematography

Tools Not Toys

I recently had the honor of leading a number of high school educators through a production workshop as part of the Association of Career and Technical Education of Arizona, Summer Conference 2014.  We train the trainer; teachers that train youth in high school programs that prepare students to enter the workforce with the academic and… Continue reading Tools Not Toys

Cine Gear Expo 2014

Inundation of camera floaters using gyros, bungee cords, spring arms, Segways and Porsches, though the telescopic jib arm still reigns supreme given the appropriate budget.  Boat loads of rigging for DSLR and small digital cine cameras, with my personal penchant for the aesthetic of Wooden Camera rigs and handheld products. There is an odd rediscovery of ENG, oops, I mean shoulder… Continue reading Cine Gear Expo 2014

Legendary Cinematographer Of ‘Godfather’ Trilogy Dies At 82

Boston University, College of Communication, 2004. Gordon Willis drops in on my cinematography class, my students unaware of his pending visit. We were in the second half of the semester, when each student chose a scene to recreate.  Just so happened it was the eve one lucky student was recreating a scene from The Godfather,… Continue reading Legendary Cinematographer Of ‘Godfather’ Trilogy Dies At 82

What’s In Your Kit

More than too many times, upon talking with potential producers or directors in search of a cinematographer, the first conversation invariably focuses on what gear I have. What gear have I…(cue the sound of the tone arm scratching across vinyl….)? Well…I come with a full set of relevant experience and expertise.   Accessories include sensibility, maturity,… Continue reading What’s In Your Kit