Zoom! the documentary hits 3rd film festival

Zoom! the documentary keeps rolling on and makes it into it’s 3rd festival, this time the 2014 Phoenix Film Festival. In 1959, Catalina High Schoolers Burt Schneider and Ray Lindstrom attended their school dance to be blown away by classmate Jack Wallace’s performance. This documentary chronicles how that moment inspired the two, with new friends… Continue reading Zoom! the documentary hits 3rd film festival

Own Your F Stop

So much of digital technology has allowed a method of creativity my old electronics professor would label “plug and chug”; swap a piece out, see how it works.  In his words and my sentiments; not so elegant.  As in many life pursuits, creating with intention can give us perspective, meaning and impact on the world… Continue reading Own Your F Stop

The Cinematographer’s Brain

Things that pop out… Cinematographer’s film where the images, like the words in a dictionary, have no power and value except through their position and relation.         -Robert Bresson, “Notes on the Cinematographer”   Without dark, there is no light        -Bill Alexander, “The Magic of Oil Painting”

Poet Carolyn Hembree “Skinny” Book Trailer

Kore Press, a publisher of women’s literature  and art since 1993, approached us to produce their first book trailer.  We jumped at the opportunity, especially to work with poet Carolyn Hembree whose book “Skinny” tells the harrowing tail of it’s title character as “she leaves the South and a beloved, dying matriarch for New York… Continue reading Poet Carolyn Hembree “Skinny” Book Trailer

Another Tucson Jewel

What do all these films have in common? Raging Bull Superman The Right Stuff The Great Gatsby The Taking of Pelham One Two Three Three Days of the Condor Little Murders The Hospital Author! Author! Heart of Midnight Trading Places Young Guns II Out For Justice … Answer: the keen sense of style and unrelenting… Continue reading Another Tucson Jewel

Zoom! Documentary Accepted to 2013 Film and Music Festival

Great news as a documentary that I dp’d for director Dan Kruse gets accepted into yet another festival.  It wasn’t too long ago that Zoom! won “Best of Arizona” in the Arizona International Film Festival.  Zoom! is the endearing story of Burt Schneider and Ray Lindstrom, who created Zoom Records and recorded some of Tucson’s… Continue reading Zoom! Documentary Accepted to 2013 Film and Music Festival

Anti-Bullying and Suicide Prevention Video Series

Early in the year we were contacted by CODAC Behavioral Health Services of Arizona to create a series of videos to integrate into their new parent and teacher curricula on anti-bullying and suicide prevention.  Bullying is serious problem with our youth, exacerbated by the relentless use of social networking sites that enable bullies to reach… Continue reading Anti-Bullying and Suicide Prevention Video Series