Behind the lens of any camera, shooting video or stills, Bob is a formidable talent. And here’s why: It’s more than a shoot to him. It’s a story needing to be told with texture and emotion. Bob approaches his work with a journalist’s zeal for uncovering what is most important to the story. He brings that front and center without fail, but he also captures the detail that makes all the difference between good and great. I have worked with many gifted photojournalists and videographers in my news and communications career. Bob is in the very top tier. For him, it’s not a paycheck — it’s a passion.

Doug Carroll, Director of Media Relations and Communications, University of Arizona


A cinematographer’s greatest challenge is crafting a stunning and engaging image, while managing the circumstances and working conditions of each day’s setup. And it is under these stressful times where Bob Demers truly excels. While a master photographer, Bob also has a very thorough understanding of the entire filmmaking and image-correcting process. He understands how to bend and alter the medium in new and exciting ways. He stays on budget and on deadline while creating a friendly working environment that motivates the entire crew.

-Will Holst, Visual Strategy Manager, Make-A-Wish Foundation of America, Director: “Back to Life”


I think it’s simply stunning. How you captured the edged blur of memory I keep for that world. Thank you.

Carolyn Hembree, Author “{Skinny}”; Book Trailer, Kore Press 2013


I am so pleased with your generosity, powerful creative and technical skill sets, that it is I, that must thank you.

-Paul Stapleton-Smith, Desert Rain Pictures


Working with Mr. Demers to make our Healthy Youth video was a great experience from day one…he was also able to brilliantly capture the purpose and accomplishments of our program better than my co-worker and I could ever explain. We continue getting praises for our video and I am fortunate to have Mr. Demers and his team helping our program to become even more successful.

– Alisa Arce, Youth Health and Nutrition Director, United Way


Bob Demers is a true visionary behind the camera…He was fully able to give my independent film the big budget film look that any independent film truly covets…I highly recommend Bod Demers to any filmmaker looking to integrate excellence into the fabric of his or her project.

-Rel Dowdell, Director – “Changing the Game”


Bob is an incredible collaborator and very creative cameraman. He loves creating shots with new perspectives and is a master at blocking. He plays the tones of light to match the director’s vision…

-Sarah Sher, Executive Producer, The Pet Friendly Traveler


Working with Bob was a first rate experience…invaluable to me in not only understanding how we effectively create the best visual signature for the movie, but a key leader on the production team in the development of the mood, drama and excitement we wanted our audience to visually experience.  I wouldn’t hesitate working with him again…

-Thom Webster, Executive Producer, “Changing the Game”

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